Chris Roberts – Murder on Father’s Day

Sep 15, 2007 by

While the News Media turns it’s attention once again to violent crime in New Orleans, and focuses on the cases of Helen Hill and Dinerral Shavers, let’s remember that each and every one of these innocent victims of violence has left behind a life, indeed lives, that go on without them.

A case in point, steeped in irony, is that of Chris Roberts. Although I only met him on a few occasions, this slip of a man was like hard wired steel, as imposing as he needed to be and dedicated to his work, his life, his family and fair play. It takes more than talk to race for land speed records on experimental motorcycles, which he did on the very machines he helped to build. His greatest joy seemd to come from the birth of his child, and Jeanette, the baby’s mother, although these are only my distant observations. His senseless killing on Father’s Day of this year still seems like a sick joke, driven home by the fact that no one has been caught in this case.

Chris had previously thwarted his own robbery, taking a bullet to the arm, and returned to work the following day, so as not to let anybody down. I think that kind of bravery and commitment deserves more than a picture on a web site. It deserves commitment & bravery in return. It demands it.

Someone knows who did this.
Probably several someones.
Repost this bulletin.
Plaster it everywhere.
Sooner or later, someone will make the call and the rat bastards that robbed Jeanette & her child of this man will get caught.

Chris Roberts, you set the bar high.
I hope we live up to it.

Lord David
Pirate & Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans

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