Relocation Assistance Program: Matt’s Update

Sep 17, 2007 by

Dear New Orleanians,

I have confirmed that there is a written policy change to the Relocation Assistance program now making its way through the Disaster Assistance Directorate at FEMA. I do not know the exact contents of the change, but have strong indications that the eligibility date for reimbursement of moving expenses has been moved to a date earlier than February 1, 2006, potentially making many thousands of people eligible for up to $4000 in FEMA funds.

The policy change has to go through five layers of bueracracy before it is issued. It has currently made it past two of those layers:

5) Individual and Households Program (which is where it originated)

4) Human Services Division

As of Friday, September 14, it was on the desk of the policy shop for the Disaster Assistance Directorate:

3) Program Management Section

After that, it has to work its way through two more layers:

2) Individual Assistance

1) Office of the Director for Disaster Assistance

In terms of how the government works, this is pretty speedy. I’ll keep you updated as events warrant.

Matt McBride via email

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