Senate Candidate David Williams meets with NOLA Bloggers

Oct 15, 2007 by

David Williams Meets With NOLA Bloggers

This afternoon in the Still Perkin coffeshop on Prytania Senatorial candidate David R.M. Williams met with several local bloggers including Maitri of Vatul Blog fame, Metroblogger’s Craig Giesecke, Becky Houtman and yours truly.

It was an enlightening two hours or so, but then I am prejudiced, he is my uncle after all. Since family ties make anything I have to say suspect I will instead be linking to any other pieces that float up through the blogosphere as I locate them. I will be paying particular attention to the bloggers who were kind enough to join us.

Also, since I am family, and am obeying strict transparency, I can be very direct about encouraging you to vote for David Williams. I think he is our best shot