David Williams and the District 5 Senate Race

Oct 18, 2007 by

www.electdavidwilliams.comThe Head Pelican’s thoughts on the District 5 Senate race, and it’s candidates.

I’d also like to point out the League of Women Voters page that contains breakdowns on all the current candidates (David’s is down at the bottom due to our last name)

I would also like to share the one quote from Gambit that shows where I got my civic streak from: “Williams has a long record of public service devoted to reaching across racial and economic lines.” While he and I may differ in a number of areas I am convinced that my own history of civic and cultural work comes from the same source as his, my grandfather.

While Gambit does not endorse David it is because they cannot decide between him and Cheryl Gray. “We wish they could both win seats in the Senate,” reads the line in their endorsements page. As always, my endorsement is obvious.

Elect David Williams.Com

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