Did you attend College in La. Over the Last 15 Years? If So Read This!

Oct 19, 2007 by

This is horrible and should be passed on widely. Via LiveJournal New Orleans Community:

Compromise of FAFSA Data
A Boston-based company called Iron Mountain lost a significant number of Louisiana FAFSA records one month ago.

So, if you went to college in Louisiana anytime in the past 15 years, your personal data (name, SSN, etc.) may have been compromised. Mine has and I didn’t even go to college in Louisiana. You should check too, especially if you fall into any of the following groups:

  • Anyone who has a Louisiana College Savings account (START Saving Program).
  • Any resident of the state of Louisiana who has completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Anyone who has completed a FAFSA and included a Louisiana postsecondary institution as an institution to which FAFSA data should be sent.
  • Anyone who has applied for or received a Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) Scholarship.
  • Anyone who has applied for or who has received student financial aid in the State of Louisiana.

The state has provided a tool to help you determine if your information was part of the compromise:

In addition to following the instructions on the LOSFA site, everyone (even if your data wasn’t compromised) should consider signing up for a credit reporting service if you haven’t done so already. Also, make sure to sign up for one that will send you an alert within 24 hours; if we wait for a written monthly report, you won’t get the notice about the fraudulent attempt in your name until it’s too late. Here are the major offerings from each of the three credit reporting agencies:

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