C3: City Council Catfight

Oct 26, 2007 by

Shelly Midura vs. Cynthia Hedge Morrell the fight of the minute!

So tell me if you’ve heard this one: The city council goes on retreat…

“I don’t buy it, Cynthia!” Midura shouted from her chair. “It’s to cover your political backside and I don’t believe you!”

Hedge-Morrell, who by now had risen from her chair and was standing over Midura, shouted back, “You think you’re Miss Goody Two Shoes,” her voice rising and face tightening, “and you sit there on your damn high horse!”

Ah professionalism, you’ve got to love it! The whole story is here on nola.com, be sure to read the comments. A few excerpts from the vox populi response:

NOLALARRY: A divided City Council, rotten DA office, Choc City Mayor that is M.I.A., Police force that can’t keep up with crime,…. what a dysfunctional mess.

1NOLANATIVE: You all miss the point. They were in a retreat. NONE of what was discussed during the retreat should have made it out of the hotel room, let alone into the newspaper. A retreat is supposed to be a place where you can vent, argue, cuss – whatever it takes – to get the tension and skeletons off their chests IN PRIVATE.
They’re going to argue. But, it should not have been made public.

MINDS: A retreat — how riduculous — what does that mean — we drink and then we tell each other you stink! How riduculous. I hope she went home to do something better than that! Get these fools on video. We want to see how you act in private. Have you got a different face?

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