FEMA: More Inexcusable Actions

Oct 26, 2007 by

I thought I could no longer be surprised by the actions of FEMA. Thanks to them I have seen and been through such an amazing amount of bullshit in the past two years that it staggers the imagination. I have a lot to learn…..

A FEMA Press conference was held about their actions during the current disaster in CA. Now the White House has had to “scold,” them publically about it. Why? Because there were NO reporters! NONE!

I kid you not, the “reporters” in the room were FEMA employees, and if the Washington Post is to be believed they were departmental directors. We have now just crossed the line into a level of the surreal that people usually attain from drinking paint thinner cocktails cut with cat urine and LSD.

Here is the Washington Post Story: FEMA meets the Press, Which Happen to be …FEMA

They should leave the fake news to people who know how to  do it well, like Stephen Colbert for instance…

(thanks to Yat Pundit for clueing me in on this!)

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