Eddie Jordan Resigns!

Oct 30, 2007 by

And There Was Much Rejoicing! (Yayy!!!) More to come once people get home from work and start typing. I will try to add some updates later but no promises.

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Its a long fall from the lionized victor over Edwin Edwards to the most worthless DA in New Orleans history. Many of us hope he breaks something (or several somethings) at the end of it.

Now that we, the taxpayers, get to pay off the fiduciary penalties of this racist ass I have one question for our FORMER DA.

While you were depriving your department not only of its caucasians, but also of computers, voicemail, and the simple necessities of the job, how many of our children and neighbors die horribly?

Ask Pontius Pilate, blood on your hands never washes clean.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. (of course maybe it is all to get his lawsuit paid for…)