oops we did it again (dam it!)

Oct 30, 2007 by

so according to bush and the gang, the california wildfire will not be the same as the katrina debacle (insert: “bush likes white people, he really really like rich white people”)… implied are all sorts of slams, glares, and nannie nannie boo boos at blanco et alia.

BUT i’m not going to go there… i have one bigger and better in a Malthusian (oh crap, you gotta be joking kinda way)… according to MSNBC the mosul dam is on the brink of failing… and with it a trillion gallons of water would flood Iraq… california 8 people, new orleans 1800, iraq (get this) 1/2 million… i’m sure this dam was fine until we started blowing up our enemies in order to liberate the oppressed… well b4 we can give you democracy, do you mind taking a bit of a bath? estimates….mosul 65 feet of water, baghdad 15 feet

and guess who’s in charge of making sure its fixed.., the army corps of engineers? neither army nor apparently engineers… and we know how much they know about building or rebuilding dams and levees in the sand…

so do you think the rest of the mideast would be that forgiving if bush and the gang did to iraq what they let happen to new orleans?


ph fred ([email protected])