Help the Children (Play DND)

Nov 15, 2007 by

There is a really innovative educator in the Bronx who using Dungeons and Dragons to teach special ed students, helping them improve reading skills, cooperation, problem solving and more.

The kids in the club live in an environment that seems to limit their potential. They see few people achieve much of anything. Their world is what exists in a few blocks around their apartment. D&D is a gateway to a bigger, better future. In less than a year, through gaming I’ve seen special education and general education students alike seek out the D&D manuals and novels, devouring each word as quickly as they could. Players tell their friends about our games, and each week more people come to my office asking to join. Blossoming artists are drawing scenes from their adventures and young writers are scribing tales that may one day become their own legends, told to a new generation of D&D players. This may seem like a small, frivolous thing, but it isn’t. Helping to secure these books for the kids in our Sci-Fi Club is a huge thing, and we need your help making it happen.

As a gamer since First Edition D&D, an avid supporter of education, and someone who helped start his high school’s first RPG club back in 1982 I cannot help but encourage everyone to pass this on. If lots of people give just a few dollars the goal will be met in no time.

Go ahead, put the kids in a Dungeon!

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