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Dec 19, 2007 by

word on the street (or is that word from the pothole since the street is so far gone that the street is but an isthmus or “terror firma” resembling poorly placed firkin on a unhealthy stripper…wink wink, but i digress)….. as my fema rep rapped her latest annunciation from the pothole that be… i suddenly learned that my “free ride” on the trailer which can not move or be moved is about to end…. fema turns over jurisdiction and mea culpa to hud  in 2008… by march trailer trash like lil ole me have to start paying rent on our wheeled wonders (the offer to sell us said trailers has been withdrawn due to formaldihyde)….1st month 50… then 100… 200… 400.. 800.. and so on in an effort to expedite our building? exodus? or expatriotism? to think we’ll have to pay more to rent than we would have paid to buy the crappy things (YOU’RE DOING A GOOD JOB, BROWNIE!)

it’s funny that the project demolition and rent control are making the news but this revolution will not be televised


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