Another 701 Release Looms

Jan 1, 2008 by

From the New Years Eve Times Picayune (The Local Paper if you’re not from here):

In a wide-ranging news conference in front of the newly renovated NOPD headquarters, Deputy Chief Marlon Defillo said today that police know the identities of those believed to be responsible for a Christmas night shooting spree in Central City that left two dead and four wounded.

No arrests have been made in the case because officers are still gathering evidence, Defillo said.

“We know the people who are involved in that shooting,” Defillo said. “Our challenge now is to make sure we find the appropriate witnesses who can identify these individuals, so we can affect the arrest and present that case to the district attorney’s office.”

As of mid-day, there were 209 homicides in 2007, up from 161 in 2006, Defillo said.

So, will this be another 701 or can Reilly’s replacement do better than her predecessor? Will it end up being a high profile “example” if the culprits are brought to justice or will it actually be the start of a functioning offensive against crime in New Orleans?

Let’s just say my cynicism is in overdrive these days….

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