A Pause to Remember…

Jan 4, 2008 by

There is a Dirge on my doorstep. Last night it was Press Monkeys, darting about and chattering in the cold, shining The Big Light around and aligning, so I knew the Dirge was coming. In fact, I welcome it.

Tomorrow night is the anniversary of the murder of my neighbor, Helen Hill. While there is great sadness in this, too immense for any but her family to understand, especially knowing that their holidays will end each year with this commemoration, there is also something else.

In between the failed expectations of New Elected Officials and the Blunders of City Hall, between the Sloppy Demolition of Homes and Run Away Crime, there is definitely something else.

There is the Dirge; a small group of maybe fifty people, holding candles in the dark, shivering together in the cold, slowly pushing the sound of breaking hearts out of old brass instruments…to remember their friend.

There is no press. The cameras and lights are gone, as far as I can tell, since last nights report or update or whatever it was.

Tonight there is the Dirge, the soundtrack to an amazing act of love. To know such caring and fond rememberence brings a tear to my eyes, as indeed, how could it not. But there’s no speeches being made, no placards, no ribbons worn. There’s something else, so beautiful & rare. Hope.

Tomorrow night, light a candle for Helen Hill, for her husband, her son, our city. Then light one for yourself.

You are the reason, the action, the love, and the hope.

Oh, yes. You are.


Lord David

Skull Club

New Orleans

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