Burrowing Rodents and Levee Failure

Jan 6, 2008 by

From those of us familiar with both rising water and levee failure I extend our deep regrets to the people of Fernley, Nevada. According to the AP story carried in the Times-Picayune they suffered a situation all New Orleanians can sympathize with.

A canal levee ruptured early Saturday after heavy rainfall, pouring more than 3 feet of near-freezing water into hundreds of homes and stranding 3,500 people across a square mile in their desert agricultural town, authorities said.

According to the full article the suspected cause was burrowing rodents. I echo dethcherub on LiveJournal (who brought my attention to it):

So that’s what we can call the COE now…burrowing rodents…

Would it be in bad taste to remind people once again about the Corps report from last February about the 122 Levees at risk across the nation? Tough, I AM bringing it up.

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