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Jan 6, 2008 by

How do you get un-hacked? And it is a misguided, perverse compliment like “Hey baby, you want some fries with that shake?”

It seems like others are hearing the angels sing and watching the clouds part. (Yes, I am talking about Barack Obama.) The extended campaign “season” has aggravated my chronic hostile, nail-spitting cynicism but I have not been able to stop near-tears watching the bouncing signs, the hopeful and trying-not-to-cry-from-joy faces, the Republicans going independent and crossing party “lines,” the sheer damn excitement that there might be some hope, that someone has come along who may use his charisma and connections for someone other than himself and the gaggle of CEOs he went to college with. Yeah, I also had my doubts and like my elders assumed any black man running for president will be at some point shot and I tried so very hard not to fall, soft or hard, but I think I am about to allow myself for the first time in 35+ years a little foolish-grin, don’t-care-if-I-fall-on-my-face optimism.

HT: My man Oyster.

Triple thanks to my dear Loki and Humid City!

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