Clint and the Red Shirts

Jan 9, 2008 by

I meant to post this a few days ago, but other things devoured my time. Let me start by disclosing that I do not like sports at all. AT ALL. I’m probably the only straight male in America who does not even watch the occasional game.

That said my comment today is about sports. The recent LSU / Ohio game that my buddy Clint sang the National Anthem for. (Clint, I am SO proud of you brother!) It came to me as I was trying to navigate downtown on my way home. Usually on a bike you can zip through, even in bad traffic, but this time is was a meandering morass of human flesh.

The eye was assualted with my alma mater’s colors- purple and gold – and the screaming scarlet of the opposition’s fan base. I got a big laugh out of. Obviously none of the Ohio fans were also Star Trek fans. Any fgood Star Trek fans knows that the guys in the red shirts always die in the first reel…

There you have it, the rare Loki Sports Post

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