I’m Bilocating

Jan 14, 2008 by

A very long time ago, my mom found a third class relic of then-Blessed Martin de Porres left on the counter of her little neighborhood grocery store. She asked our neighbors, who were all black, who this man could be, and they told her.

She promptly prayed to him, and he answered her prayer. According to her, he answered every prayer she ever prayed to him from then on out.

She told me all about him. The thing I remember most vividly is that he could bilocate. I thought that must be so cool. I started researching this activity and found a number of people who could do it. They all turned out to be saints – except for Aleister Crowley, who definitely was no saint. Of course, now we know there are many people who have been, and currently are, able to perform this little feat. My Aunt Pauline, for instance, my mother’s baby sister, she could do it and often did.

Anyway, my point is, now I can do it, too. It turns out to be easy. You just start appearing on someone else’s blog. Of course, you don’t want to just show up. That would be hacking or spamming, and those things are frowned upon. No, it’s like if you’re a vampire, you have to be invited in first, you know what I mean? Once you’ve wangled that invitation, presto, you’re in two places at once. The more invitations you get, the more places you can be. You trilocate, quattrolocate, and so on. You get enough of those invites, you can rule the world. Like Dubya.

So I’m here, I’m queer, get used to it.

I don’t quite know what kind of stuff I’ll be posting. I guess most of it will have to do with my own adventures in my little world. That involves fringe theatre, photography, and the strange and wonderful(?) people I know.

Just for the record, I’m the guy who directed Take Me Out for To Do Productions at the Marginy Theatre a couple of years ago. If you didn’t see it, don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you. Not many people did. I’ve done several other shows as well, most recently, Valhalla, for the same and at the same. But now is not the time or place. I have work to do.

But I’ll be back. I hope to see you here again. Thanks for listening.


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