N.O. Dept of Vital Records

Jan 16, 2008 by

I spent a significant part of my day trying to acquire copies of my father’s death certificate that I need to deal with settling his estate. I would just like to note that the New Orleans Dept of Vital Records has at least one worthless waste of protoplasm working there.

When someone is calling about their father’s death you are not supposed to

  • Interrupt them repeatedly
  • Sigh in exasperation at every question
  • hang up on them mid sentence.

While I cannot remember the woman’s name, and was so furious I did not write it down, I will have to aim my curses and profanity at my memory of her voice. Here’s to karma, baby, hope you get yours!
This is how the city departments run. This is why We Are NOT Okay. The feds and the state bear more than a fair share of blame, but there is a whole lot to go around on the local level.

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