NOPD Backs Fred Radtke in Vendetta on Local Artist

Jan 22, 2008 by

I’m sure that most, if not all of you, know the horror of Fred Radtke, the Grey Ghost. Many have tried to stop his vigilante tactics to no avail.

Now the NOPD has actually backed him in a vendetta against a local artist, who has been hanging removable messages of hope throughout the city, in hopes of inspiring those who choose to stay and rebuild. They flatly refuse to prosecute Radtke, even when he defaces private property.

Please read Richard A. Webster’s article on this.


These two short paragraphs are particularly disturbing;

“Robert Mendoza, director of the New Orleans Public Works Department, said Radtke is breaking the law every time he paints over graffiti on public street signs. But Mendoza will do nothing to prosecute the violations, he said, because his office lacks the resources and time to conduct an investigation.The New Orleans Police Department, however, condones Radtke’s actions. NOPD often calls him directly to cover graffiti and spokesman Sgt. Joe Narcisse said they have no intention of charging Radtke with any crimes. ”

Please repost this article, make a note of the names of Robert Mendoza at New Orleans Public Works, and Sgt. Joe Narcisse of the NOPD. Call these people repeatedly.

Call your congresman, your City Counsel Representative, and ask why a man City Hall says is a criminal is being supported by the NOPD. Ask why an artist, whose work is totally removable and loved by the locals is facing $50,000 worth of fines, and a man who defaces private property, sometimes violently, is above the law.

It’s a new year and a new broom. Pull together and stop this selective enforcement of rights and laws. We are not serfs on some distant Noble’s land. We are the citizens of the City of New Orleans, and these people are elected and paid by US.

If one man is above the law, the rest are beneath boot heels. Stand up for your rights, New Orleans. Haven’t we had enough?

Lord David

Skull Club

New Orleans

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