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According to WDSU:

Newspaper reports from Baton Rouge claim newly elected Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal–who ran on a platform touting ethics reform and tougher ethics laws in state government–is being investigated for a possible ethical breach.

State investigators are trying to determine if Jindal failed to disclose more than $100,000 in campaign contributions, according to The Advocate in Baton Rouge.

According to the report, The State Board of Ethics ordered a public hearing to explore the charges.

In an update from the Baton Rouge Advocate:

Gov. Bobby Jindal faces state ethics charges for failing to timely disclose more than $100,000 in campaign aid he received from the state Republican Party.

The Louisiana Board of Ethics ordered a public hearing to explore charges that Jindal and his governor’s campaign committee violated the state’s Campaign Finance Disclosure Act.

Timmy Teepell, Jindal’s chief of staff, said Thursday night that Jindal would pay the fine.

Jindal failed to “accurately disclose in-kind contributions” from the state GOP, according to a Tuesday letter notifying Jindal of the reporting problem.

The Advocate on Thursday obtained a copy of the letter.

Jindal was flying to Washington, D.C., according to his press secretary, Melissa Sellers, who said he could not immediately be reached for comment.

Jindal campaign accountant William Potter of Baton Rouge said a mistake was made.

“We are not trying to deny anything,” said Potter. “It’s an error.”

The ethics board set a July 10 public hearing.

If a violation is found, the board may impose civil penalties of $100 per day, up to a maximum of $2,500, for each day the report was not timely filed.

Jindal would be exposed to the full $2,500 fine because of the lapse in time of reporting.

Potter said he is recommending that Jindal settle the issue prior to hearing.

Potter said Teepell, who was Jindal’s campaign chief, failed to notify those preparing the campaign finance report of the party expenditures for Jindal.

The state GOP spent $118,264 between June 4 and June 28 in mail expenses on behalf of the Jindal campaign.

Teepell said the Republican Party did not submit invoices to the campaign showing the expenditures on Jindal’s behalf. So, he said, there was no way of knowing for reporting purposes.

“After the omission came to light, the money was promptly reported and the party started filing in-kind expenditure reports with the campaign,” Teepell said.

“We are all about transparency,” said Teepell.

Transparency … ?

When caught – maybe.


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