Carnival Weekend One

Jan 25, 2008 by

comus c1938

It feels like right after Katrina to me. That was the last time I was typing mostly one handed due to an injury. But it is not the dawn of HumidCity, rather it’s the first weekend of Carnival 2008 (celebrated with the picture of Comus back in 1938 that you see above), and we have just skipped the first parades of the first weekend. Why, you ask? Because it’s bloody cold and wet and I’m still pretty beat up from my encounter with a car a few days back.

The temps here are running towards weather only a resident of Seattle or Edinburgh could appreciate. While out of town readership may laugh to us 36 degree weather with rain is pure unadulterated evil. The humidity and rain make it chill to the bone in a fashion I have seen shock yankees.

Hoping to have pics tomorrow from the daytime parades to share by the later evening manana. Staying minimal on the typing outside of work for awhile longer, at least until my Thursday doctor’s appointment tells me (I hope) that these all over body aches are exactly that, aches. Simple pains that will pass with a bit of time and hopefully before the big march with my Krewe on Mardi Gras morning. Cross your digits for me. In the meantime, I return you to the (?)saner(?) voices of HumidCity.


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