i dreamt i saw ray nagin

Jan 26, 2008 by

well, actually i really did see him about 90 minutes ago at the bean gallery in mid-city. that’s about a block away from the fema trailer i call home(less) and a few more steps away from my husk of a house where building has screeched to a halt due to redtape.

i didn’t know what to do. anger? frustration? a cup of joe? perhaps some chocolate?

as his smile and food were being prepared, i wrote:

“i live in a FEMA trailer. I haven’t been able to hang sheetrock because i’m still waiting for a plumbing inspection. any suggestions?”

as he approached the exit, i caught his eye and handed him the folded note (with address and phone numbers). I asked him to please read it, but offered him the opportunity to throw it away if he’d prefer.

he said he’d read it…

i’ll let you know what happens in my not-so chocolate city


-ph fred

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