Little Richard, Live at Boomtown Casino

Jan 27, 2008 by

Yes, it’s true…
I met Little Richard, backstage, last night after his show.
I was wearing a jeweled Elvis Jumpsuit.
I was absolutely beautiful.
But not as beautiful as Little Richard.
No one is.
No one.

I was amazed by the tightest band in rock n roll. Two monster drummers, two killer guitar players, bassist, and a full horn section (Piccolo Trumpet, Tenor sax, sax & Baritone sax) as well as Reddy Teddy, his acrobatic MC of almost 40 years. The guy still sings while doing handstands.

Little Richard was on crutches, and had to be helped on & off the stage, but once at the piano, it was amazing how he controlled this band with minor inflections and hand movements, besides playing pretty tasty stuff as though it were an unconscious afterthought. His voice was as immaculately over the top as ever. And he ruled that room with brilliant talent, charisma, charm and hair that would make God jealous. I’ve never seen so many sequins in my life.

As people would shout out proclamations of love and adoration between songs, he would stop talking long enough to say, “oh, shut up” before returning to the show. It’s amazing how many pieces we recognize as classic rock n roll standards were written by this son of Macon, Georgia , and recorded right here in New Orleans.

I was more than proud to wait around to be summoned back stage to meet the man that taught the Beatles how to scream for Long Tall Sally, the guy that gave Jimi Hendrix his first touring opportunity, the dude that started it all.

That autographed picture, “To Lord David from Little Richard”, will hang in a place of honor in my house. Forever.

Lord David

Skull Club

New Orelans

Little Richard Rocks

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