Post Mardi Gras Roundup

Feb 9, 2008 by


This year we had a meeting of the Krewes as The Krewe of Chartreuse and the Skelton Krewe joined up in the Vieaux Carre on Fat Tuesday. Pictured above is the ceremonial passing of the spanker from our Captain to theirs.

Despite being somewhat impaired by my injured wrist and all over aches I managed to march. Despite the many things going wrong right now Carnival, as always, has lifted my spirits. The trials of life in the new New Orleans fade a bit as I reflect on the fact that for the first time I am doing something I absolutely love for my livelihood (blogging and online social networking), I have a fantastic marriage, and wonderful friends. All in all life is good.

I hope to be writing more frequently soon, lately I have had to save my typing for work forcing me to leave you to the tender mercies of our other writers (Thanks Bigezbear!). Until I’m in better shape I will be doing short posts and throwing up photos on a regular basis to keep a hand in.

Look out tomorrow for a special post I will be making concerning the Grey Ghost and Rex Dingler of NOLA Rising.




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