Making Groceries in the ‘Hood

Feb 13, 2008 by

Those of you who read my last column may have noticed I’m enthusiastic about local food & cooking styles. That’s an understatement of huge proportions, to say the least.

Anyway, Food News is Good News, or something like that. So here we go…

Some of you may already know this, but the New Orleans Food Co-operative is slated to open a physical store, like as in a Grocery Store, right here in the ‘hood, at the old Universal Furniture building, which also houses the new 5th District Police Station, at the corner of St. Claude & St. Roch, right here in the Marigny.

Those of us who live in this neighborhood know that since the grocery at Elysian Fields and St. Claude has still not reopened, serious shopping means a trip to the Lake Front, Uptown or Mid-City. This news is huge for us.

These plans also include a ‘Wellness Center’ featuring such things as yoga classes and other healthy pass times. You can get more information’ become a member, make donations, volunteer, or get listings for their pot luck meetings, by going to their

Positive change and new development in New Orleans are a beautiful thing, especially when it makes us dinner.

Support Local Growth!

Lord David

Skull Club

New Orleans

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