unreliable sources

Feb 27, 2008 by

well, according to (un)reliable sources, er i mean the government, all the trailers will be gone ala pecan by june. the mayor, when he’s not busy threatening to coldcock the media, expects another exodus since there is/will be a lack of available housing. meanwhile formaldehyde poisoning and shoddy construction continue to characterize these top of the line tin cans. free healthcare for all who lived in them or so wishes our very own gun-toting c. ray???). and to think those four-wheeled fuck-ups only cost an estimated 100k each. black mold creepily yet methodically (even bureaucratically) crawls up the walls of my trailer. to think I was complaining about my health in august 2006! e pleurisy unum part 2, anyone?

welcome to mcnola. can I take your order please?




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