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The following is an update on the nola rising / Ides of arts show at the Avenue Pub on march 15th. In case we didn’t make it clear enough… They are raising money and having an auction to help NoLA Rising with the costs of defending art…. a new development has presented itself, in the form of a signed print from Michaelopolis himself… Its a print of Fats Domino, and signed by him as well. This is your chance to own a Michaelopolis print, and a chance to stand up for art as well….. so please take the time and read the following, and educate yourself to art…

MARCH 1st – Freret Art Market…at the corner of Napoleon and Freret. Come by and see the many artists who present their works and get some good food. It runs from noon until 5.

MARCH 7th – NPN The Trumpet – The NoLA Rising Project has been nominated for the Best City Beautification Program through The Trumpet. At noon on March 7th at the Ashe Cultural Center on Oretha Castle Haley, The Trumpet will announce the awards to be voted on by your local neighborhood groups from across the city. It is an honor to be nominated and everyone involved in the NoLA Rising movement can be proud.

Love Life!

March 8th – NoLA Rising Paint Party – 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. NoLa Rising will present “March On!”, the Paint Party that will be held at the corner of Dauphine and Press at XO Studios side-yard. Bring your paint, bring something to paint on and come help New Orleans be a more beautiful place. Artwork from the Paint Party will be made available for donations to local non-profit organizations that help returning families get settled in their new homes. Special thanks to: XO Studios, National Art & Hobby, Charlotte H, Humid City, and the St. Claude Arts District for all of their support!!!

NoLA Rising!

March 15th – The IDES OF ARTS – The AVENUE PUB – Noon until Caesar Rises! NoLA Rising presents THE IDES OF ARTS featuring a “RAGTAG BUNCH OF INSURGENT ART MISSIONARIES” at 1732 St. Charles Avenue on 15 March 2008 (The Ides of March). There is no middle ground for art in this city!

Artists include: Mardi Claw, anthonyturducken, ReX, 32, “E.T.D.”, UnknownParts, Krewe of Krabkakes, Dru Jones 632, and the man of a thousand faces

Photography by: Robin Walker (Gentle Disaster), Gary Perez (Dragonfly Photography), & MAX PROPHET

Jewelry by: Clare Marie (Sin.Thesis)


MARCH 18th – Municipal Courthouse New Orleans (back behind the other courthouse almost under the overpass) – As many of you know, Mr. Fred Radtke, founder of Operation Clean Sweep has admitted to having a personal vendetta against me in a New Orleans City Business article by Richard Webster. Because of this personal vendetta, Mr. RAdTke has used his connection with one New Orleans police officer to attempt to have me cited with 1,100 counts of “illegally posting on telephone poles”, which is city ordinance 134-131. This “chump charge” will now be costing your tax dollars to go to attempt to prove me guilty of doing what every music venue in this city does, what every person who holds a garage sale does, what every person who loses an animal does…and that is post on telephone or electrical poles that aren’t owned by the city. Mr. Radtke has stated that “Dingler’s so-called “messages of hope” are “vertical trash” that promote other forms of vandalism.”

My rebuttal to that is that Mr. Radtke has admitted to destroying city property with his signature grey paint and the city can’t afford to prosecute him. What we have here is a case of selective enforcement of the law that has me facing about $50,000 in fines. The article in question sums up why your city tax dollars are getting wasted in the willful persecution of an artist while murderers roam our city streets: “Radtke didn’t deny his war against Dingler is personal and said he will use all of his energy and resources to financially cripple him.” My response to that? None, I’m already financially crippled…I don’t need his help to become more so.

So come and join us at the courthouse on Tuesday, March 18 at 8:30 a.m. and show your displeasure with the system that allows one man who is not a city employee or a police officer to determine how law should be handled in this town. Make a NoLa Rising sign! My attorneys at Spell & Spell have set up a Defense Fund: Spell & Spell, C/O Dingler Defense Fund, 924 Ellis Street, Franklinton, LA 70438

Not a Criminal

MARCH 28TH, the unveiling of new pieces by Michael Dingler at the Bean Gallery at 637 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119, (504) 324-8161. Come see the newest and latest pieces available through the JAZZFESTIVITIES!


NoLA Rising Events!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Ides Of Arts March 15th
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yes indeed… I know that there’s a parade that day, but all the merrier as we pull into the art season with NOLA RISING…. Come and show your support of our cities ragtag band of insurgient artists… showing in this wonderful art exhibit upstairs will be the following up and coming artists in new orleans….














1732 St. Charles Avenue… ten am until caesar rises…

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