The Pirate Chef’s “Big Easy”

Mar 2, 2008 by


Gary Garitson, formerly of New Orleans and a member of The Krewe of Chartreuse send us the following drink recipe from the Wilds of Cinncinatti, OH. He, his lovely wife, and their son (my godson) have settled up there in the icy northern region from which he originally hailed. So, without further adieu allow me to present:

The Pirate Chef’s “Big Easy”

A SoCo Manhattan, extra bitters and bruised

  • 2 oz. Southern Comfort
  • 1/2 oz. Sweet Vermouth
  • 6 shakes Agnostura Bitters (only Agostura, no substitutions!)
  • 1 ea. Marichino Cherry

Put everything in a cocktail shaker half full of ice. Shake. Bruise. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a cherry. Repeat as needed.

Let him know what you think! (And congratulate him on the advent of his spawn while you at it!)

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