Big Brothers

Mar 3, 2008 by

You know what’s really cool?

What’s really cool is when you’re having a visit from one of your big brothers – somebody you’ve looked up to all your life – and you get to hand him something like this week’s Gambit Weekly. You get to tell him to check out page 47 and to go to the bottom of the page where it lists your name as a nominee for a Big Easy Award as Best Director of a Comedy for Valhalla.

When he does, you shiver like a little girl. Okay, that’s not cool, but you can’t help it.

But – then! – it gets cool again when you get to hand him a stack of Gambits that you’ve lifted from your very own street corner coffee shop and tell him to take them all back to your old home town.

Of course, later on, you begin to reflect on some of those people who didn’t get the same kind of recognition, who want this kind of affirmation so badly because, deep down, they can never be sure they’re as good as they imagine themselves to be, as good as they need to be.

But in your own heart, you know better than anybody else that, if this kind of thing is something you really deserve, it isn’t just for you. Every board in your house rests on the one that came before and supports the one that comes later on. You know that what this really means is that somebody has finally noticed a little rag-tag bunch of ne’er-do-wells who like nothing better than to get together and put on a show. You know, too, that this might mean that people who like to go to shows might begin to think that you and your little theatre might have something worthwhile to offer.

In the meantime, you walk your brother to his four-door pickup truck (they use those in the country) and make sure he puts that stack of Gambits in the back seat, and you watch him drive off, making sure none of them fly out the window.

A few minutes later, life goes on.


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