Can you tell you’re getting played?

Mar 19, 2008 by

I keep reading bulletins and news reports about Barack Obama’s pastor, and the remarks this pastor has made. Who cares?

Barack Obama didn’t make these statements.
His retiring old pastor did.

Barack decided to distance himself, without trying to destroy an old man who was about to retire.
I think that shows character and integrity, yet he is being condemned for remarks that this pastor made.
Because he ‘associated’ with this pastor.

Bill and Hillary Clinton ‘associated’ with the McDougals, who later went to prison for fraud in the Whitewater Land Investment Scandal.
In fact, the Clintons claimed to have lost documents that showed the level of their own involvement.

Hillary Clinton went as far as to claim some of the documents never existed.

The ‘non-existent’ documents magically appeared, with Hillary’s finger prints on them, just weeks after the statute of limitations on prosecution went by.

The Mc Dougals were called to testify against the Clintons and would not speak. They refused to testify in Bill Clinton’s hearings about his lies regarding Monica Lewinsky. Of course, President Clinton pardoned them as soon as he was ‘cleared’.

Now I ask you this: If Hillary Clinton went into business with a couple who commited fraud against the federal government, refused to testify at a Congressional hearing, and personally lied about the existence of documents proving this, wouldn’t you think that ignoring a cranky old pastor in his last days was maybe not such a big deal?

Who do you think is behind this story?
The same man who pressured others into providing illegal loans for his real estate investments? That’s right; Bill Clinton.

And of course that whole mob.

Sean Hannity jumps in because he wants the Old Boy Network to prop up John McCain and Keep The War Alive.

They are Wagging the Dog.
That’s us, by the way.

We have a candidate who has been shot down for being ‘different’, for having a strange name, for having an upbringing unlike the Bush & Clinton money pacts.

Look around you, people.
Gas prices are through the roof.
Housing prices are tumbling.
Loan rates are out of control.
Soldiers returning home to their families are being stop-lossed and sent back to Iraq after their term of service is contractually over.
Isn’t it time for something different?

Maybe these stories about Barack Obama being a muslim conspirator and hater of America are simply garbage, blown out of proportion by a group of losing teams who want a president named Bush (McCain is the same) or Clinton for LIFE.

Vote for who you believe in.
But don’t get played by this sound bite crap.

The Clintons were carpet-baggers before he took office and the Republican party is the Haves and the Have Mores.

Have the courage to study the facts, not just buy into whatever you saw on YouTube last night.

This is the President of the Most Powerful Country on Earth we’re talking about. It’s not American Idol or the Hills.

Do a little research for yourself. Go to Wikipedia, at least, for Christ’s sake, and stop letting Fox News And CNN tell you what to think.

They own multiple homes, cars, property, cable stations and they certainly aren’t missing their families while they sit their ass in Iraq.

The United Sates of America.
If you love it, take the time to care a little.

Lord David
Patriot & Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans