Al Copeland: Dead in Germany at 64

Mar 23, 2008 by

I may not have agreed with how he lived his life or spent his money, but is was his life and his money. One thing you have to give him is that he was a self made man.

The Canadian Press Reports

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  1. M. Daniel

    It is really nobody’s business how Mr. Copeland lived his life or spent his money.

    It was his life and his money and nobody gave it to him.

    Why is it folks think they have a right to tell others how they should live and spend the money they make from the sweat of their brow?

    The same do gooders are really good at telling others how to give their money away or live their lives and they themselves do not live up to the same.

    May God Bless this country with more men who work as hard as Mr. Copeland did and bring as much eating pleasure to the millions as Al did.

    May he rest in the arms of the angels.


  2. My word, getting a bit tetchy, eh?

    I refrain from making many of the negative remarks I could have (I knew him, worked for him, waited on him in his own home for Xmas dinner, and unlike most writing on the subject actually knew him) and you leave a reaction like that.

    You are certainly entitled to your view, however I get the feeling that your views and my own may well be incompatible. And when you make yourself a public figure comentary on your life, lifestyle and spending is fair game.

  3. I am sure you have many stories you could tell about his parties. I agree with you about the self-made part. Some are born on third base and think they hit a triple. This guy hit his own stand-up triple — H/S dropout and for a time lived in the projects.

    From the Times Pic article –

    Interesting what a small change can make in one’ s destiny.

  4. termite.

    i had a summer place near Al’s for years. he was very flashy and all that hooey, but i will say that he kept his ‘tribe’ very close to him – at all times. they did everything together, it was quite amazing to watch from afar.

    he liked his lifestyle, his woman, his money…
    but his children seemed to be his greatest love.

  5. I loved his style.

    New Orleans, of all places, needed its own Liberace…and, with typical New Orleanian perversity, it made him heterosexual with a taste for Lamborghinis and blonde trophyettes rather than pianos and boys. And, like Liberace, he took bad plastic surgery so far that he turned it into a style.

    I’m sure he was no treat in person, but I’ll prefer to remember him as the man who got married at the New Orleans Museum of Art while a deafening helicopter dropped rose petals and stirred up the dust, and LaToya Jackson serenaded the happy couple.

    Plus, you gotta admit that watching the Archdiocese do triple-backflips to explain why they let him take his FOURTH wife at St. Louis Cathedral…Love that hypocrisy at Popeye’s!

  6. Al was a baller, simple as that, he made it – he left a legacy. Get your shine on Al.

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