Isn’t It a Wee Bit Early For Airborne Lead?

Mar 25, 2008 by

In the midst of all of the murders (what was it, seven last Sunday?) and generally surreal goings on we now have another oddity to add to the list. No, not the Canal Street Madam, she’s overexposed in the Vitter/Spitzer era. I’m talking about an old subject for New Orleans: falling bullets. This via

Noted New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme was setting up his cooking tent on the practice range at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans golf tournament Tuesday about 9:30 a.m. when he felt a sting in his right arm, right above his elbow.

Looks like the first American born Chef to ever grace my former employers over a Commander’s Palace had a real New Orleans moment. What I want to know is what genetically deficient mouthbreather was shooting in the air at 9:30 A.M.?

Loki, shaking his head in wonder

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