Jeez, Louise

Apr 1, 2008 by

You go on plodding along from day to day when – bam! – another award thingy comes along, and you find yourself back in the last car of another roller coaster ride all over again. The Storer Boone Awards.

This one is special, though. The people who nominate and then select the winners are all part of the New Orleans theatre community.

And, man, did our little troop of downtown strolling players rack up. To Do Productions garnered a total of 12 nominations, and Valhalla is all over the place with five of our six actors getting nods and our beloved Donnie Jay being recognized for producing and designing the quick-change costumes. Nice.

Even the dick sow – I mean “show” – got a handful of nominations. To Do done good.

There was also a cherry on top of all this whipped cream: Louie Crowder copped a nomination for Cobalt Blue as Best Original Play for 2007.


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