Owners of Bacchanal Injured

Apr 1, 2008 by

Chris Rudge, owner of Bacchanal in the Bywater and his wife, Otter, (of Backyard Ballroom) were in a very serious car accident, early Monday morning. Their friend that was driving the vehicle, passed away. Chris with his adrenaline cut him and Otter out of the vehicle himself.

Chris has severe injury to his ankle and leg, but will hopefully be alright. His wife Otter was flown to a different hospital due to her extensive list of injuries. She is currently still in ICU and her condition is ‘guarded’ as of last night.

This is a call out to our friends and neighbors of Bywater and of New Orleans. Please support Bacchanal Wine to help and keep it open, while Chris and Otter remain hospitalized. Kelly will be there from 2pm-9pm Monday through Sunday. They are asking specifically if you can pay cash, it will be appreciated while Chris is in the hospital unable to deal with banking transactions and vendor agreements. However, all patronage will be appreciated. Sunday events will go on as scheduled. They are also asking for your patronage to Saturday wine tastings from 3pm-6pm.

Additionally, we are working to get a trust fund established with the bank in which large donations can be made, as it does not appear they had health insurance. Information on that and possibly other fundraisers will follow.


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