The Doctor Has Left The Building

Apr 2, 2008 by


Today the New Orleans Blogosphere, and the Blogosphere in general, lost one of its most profane and wonderful voices.

It is my sad duty to let you know that Dr. Ashley Morris, the man most likely to call Ray Nagin a fuckmook to his face, passed away today. We have lost our excitable boy. His unrelenting passion for our city and his community will be missed as much as his unflinching and cuss-ridden dissections of the federal, state and local incompetence that has brought our city to its present state.

Hana, his wife, left a post on his blog. Go by, leave a comment, read his old posts if you haven’t. Let them know there are people out there who care. He leaves three young children.

My friend you shall be missed, and that by many more than just myself. I will have more to say later when I am able to compose myself.

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  1. This is tragic. I said over at First Draft and I wanted to pass on to you and my other friends that “F*ck you, you f*cking f*cks.” Wasn’t just legendary in the NOLA blogosphere, it was legendary in the entire left blogosphere. I rarely swear and don’t even like to write the term, but sometimes it’s just the thing. He used it with skill and power.

    That post reminded me of my favorite episode of The Wire with Bunk and Jimmy where they looked at a crime scene and that was the only word they used.

    We honor our heroes by remembering them and noting what they fought for. Ashley showed the fierce determination to rebuild that I believe the rest of America should know about, especially the ones who don’t get how much the city means to people beyond it’s tourist spots.


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