Vitter and His Wandering Organ, Nothing Quite Like Family Values

Apr 2, 2008 by

Once again Ernie The Attorney has brought us a real gem, especially if you follow the never ending sexual hijinx of the political class.

[…] a letter of support that David Vitter wrote along with 13 other Republican senators. The letter stressed the importance of a $50 million dollar grant for ‘abstinence education’ for adolescents. Vitter was the first person to sign the letter. Nineteen days later he admitted that he had hired hookers while he was a senator. What a guy!

Go take a look at the pompous, sanctimonious hypocrisy on display! One click away from a scan of the letter, go grab one and share it with your friends! At least Spitzer had the sense to resign. I will always be sorry his wife did not follow through on her Lorena Bobbit threat of a few months back, I think more politicians in this town should get up close and personal with New Orleans health care.