Perfesser Morris

Apr 5, 2008 by


Ashley wants you to laugh, you fuckers!

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  1. Oh Didn’t He Ramble

  2. Great pic! Great find. Thanks.

  3. well said, well said

  4. Smart AND good looking.
    An absolutely classic pose….

    Rest well, Mia Fratello;

  5. I am in South Florida for the weekend, trying my best to be lighthearted. I must have said *fuck* about 100 times today. Aftter the third time, (I’m not in the habit of using the word), Renard asked me what the deal was and I told him it was in honor of Ashley.

    ]I have heard Ashley’s voice making wisecracks in my head for the last two days, leading me to the conclusion that you are right. He want’s us to laugh. It’s been hard, really hard and I cried a lot tonight but I laughed, too.

    Thanks for reminding us.


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