Apr 5, 2008 by

I remember sitting on the beach at Nags Head, in the Outer Banks, the surf ripping like crazy as a storm sat off the coast. I could see the dark sky a ways out, as it approached and drew back, over & over, the line of rainfall looking like an immense grey curtain, miles out at sea. It tore back & forth across the water’s surface, shredding the very ocean it danced upon.

I reflected that afternoon on our tinyness in the World, nevermind the Universe, and how briefly we exist, in terms of something like The Sea. I distinctly remember thinking that if I am to be but a momentary particle in this scheme of things, let me be part of the Wild & Howling Wind.
It is huge, fascinating, dangerous & mad.
There is simply no other way to go.
Lord David
Pirate & Artist
New Orleans

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