Funeral For A Friend

Apr 10, 2008 by

In the morning I will be doing once again that which has become all too familiar in the past two years, laying a friend to his final rest. It seems like everyone has written about how Ashley Morris touched their lives, even those who only knew him from his blogging. From John Pope at the Times-Picayune to the Big Easy Rollergirls (of whom his wife was one) the tributes and goodbyes show how far his reach extended.

Huge of heart as well as frame, “The Perfesser” was a man of unbridled passion for New Orleans. He refused to allow injustice and inhumanity to go unchallenged, speaking up with conviction where others remained silent. He spoke from the heart, shot from the hip, and burned through many a cigar in the process.

In the morning people from around the country will be donning suits, Rollergirl gear, and Saints jerseys as they gather to honor the good Doctor. He would want a huge sendoff and I doubt he will be disappointed. Info on the funeral can be located here, and for those of you who wish to help his wife and children you can donate here.

What passes for eloquence on my part is out of the question now. I just know I miss my friend and want to see his children secure the way he would have wished.

Proud Papa

You rascal, how dare you ease out the back door when we have yet to follow through on all those threats of playing guitar together over Guiness and steaks. I miss you brother.

Once the funeral is out of the way it will be time for some vicious dissection of the inadequacies of our political class. We must all pick up the torch and prevent the fuckmooks from resting easy. He is no longer here to contain his fire so we must all blaze on his behalf.
-Loki, founder HumidCity

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