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You know, disaster capitalism is a foul and fetid thing. It has the morals of a politician and the honor of Richard III. That said, these scum take it to a whole new level. Here is an example of frat boy mentality at its worst, crossing the line from sophomoric humor into the realm of true douchebaggery. They go around various cities and interview the homeless, then they use those interviews as fuel for “belittling humor.” Bad taste is right.

Now they are not only in New Orleans to pull what humor they can out of the many homeless camped under the Claiborne Overpass, but they have even tried to embrace the Web 2.0 world by sending out a press release to the local bloggers. Click “more” t read it. Then I encourage you to contact them and share your opinion of their efforts. (I have deactivated the hyperlinks as I do not wish to aid their search engine ranking in anyway.)

I thought carpetbaggers were bad enough, now we have the fratbaggers to?

-Loki, HumidCity Founder

To New Orleans Bloggers:

A team of photographers and interviewers from the website Street-people.com will be in New Orleans, April 17-19, 2008 to write about how in a city with a chance to start fresh, the only thing fresh is the street people.

“This is the third visit since the hurricane by a team from Street-people.com” commented one of the site’s creators. ‘We have tried to focus on a different element of the redevelopment of the city. While many people are still in need of housing and jobs, those that often do not have the ability to express their needs for assistance seem to have been passed over and returned to their former existence of residing in parks and living off the scraps of society.” The website questions why a city that has had the chance to start from scratch with social services and aid to all it’s residents has once again passed over those with a distinct need for help.

Street-people.com bills itself as the online home for the homeless without the urine smell. Referred by social service agencies as in bad taste the site features a gallery of street people and their stories accompanied by belittling commentary from the writer.

A press release announcing the visit follows in text version and as a word document attachment to this email.

For more information contact:

Wayne Andrews
Media Coordinator

Please contact Wayne Andrews
Media Coordinator
[email protected]

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