There WILL be a Quiz…

Apr 23, 2008 by

So the morning papers tell us that Hillary won the Pennsylvania Primary. And she’s celebrating. I wonder if it occurred to her that it took a series of huge political gaffs for her to get 80% vs 66%. Not a giant lead in this one, still behind in the total count and not likely to get that kind of ammunition again…
I think not.
I think she’s drunk with the proximity, as she sees it, of Power. These two quotes stand out to me. One pointed at higher ground, reminding us of the real battles at hand, and calling on our better selves. The other a call for private votes by super delegates to override the popular candidate and give the primary election to the candidate who garners the most political cronyism.
“It’s easy to get caught up in the distractions and the silliness and the tit-for-tat that consumes our politics, the bickering that none of us are entirely immune to, and it trivializes the profound issues: two wars, an economy in recession, a planet in peril, issues that confront our nation. That kind of politics is not why we are here tonight. It’s not why I’m here, and it’s not why you’re here.” – Barrack Obama”We’re going to go through the next nine contests and I hope to do well in many of them … but I’m confident that when delegates _ as well as voters, like the voters of Pennsylvania just did _ ask themselves who’s the stronger candidate against John McCain, that I will be the nominee of the Democratic party.” – Hillary Clinton

Notice how the voters are mentioned, almost as an after thought, in Hillary’s statement?

Didn’t we get George W. by letting the minutae of the political machine over ride the voting process?

Do we really want Super Delegates, responsible only for party power, to decide this?

I’m coming out of the closet here. I see Barrack Obama as a man of vision, integrity and humanity. This is not to say he has not & will not make mistakes. Certainly the last 8 years have taught us that our country can be steered astray. It will take some real vision and grit to steer it back.

Mrs Clinton’s political thrust is about winning, being in charge, a push for power. Now she’s so excited she’s boasting that super delegates will push her over the top; and the voters can play, too.

This kind of American Idol voting process is what got us here. Please, for the love of corn flakes in the morning, let’s put this guy in and give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s obvious what Hillary is about. And horrifying.

And another Republican Administration is simply the Voice of Doom & War.

Lord David

Barrack Obama Supporter