Ray Nagin files class action suit against Chicago

Apr 24, 2008 by

Citing trademark infringement, Mayor Ray Nagin filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago for attempting to make use of New Orleans’ Murder Capitol USA (NOMCUSA) trademark. In front of a loosely assembled group of reporters in Central City, Nagin gave a speech this morning:

“After the Bears gaves the Saints an azz whopping in the playoffs, Chicago thinks they can walk all other us. But let me tell you something, Chicago. Just because you got some high number shooting and killing going on, don’t think for a minute about taking on our logo or identity as one of America’s most dangerous places to live. And another thing, while you had 32 shootings in 26 separate incidents last weekend, a simple look at the statistics shows we still got you beat.

Murders over the weekend (April 17th – 21st)
Chicago: 6
New Orleans: 7

We will continue to maintain our violent status and my office will continue to live by its motto “City of New Orleans, where mediocrity is overachievment.”

George Ingmire


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