The Grey Ghost – Played by Steven Seagal?

Apr 25, 2008 by

Once again, Fred Radtke strikes…and is Above The Law.
Please follow this link for the complete story, the followup for which will appear in City Business on Monday.
What I find more disturbing than a ranting maniac defacing private property and screaming obscenities at a young woman doing her job, is this:
New Orleans Police Department spokesman Sgt. Joe Narcisse refuses to prosecute him, even when City Officials say he is breaking the law, and private citizens come forward to press charges.
Is this happening REALLY?
A single police sargent can manipulate the law, prosecute whom he pleases, when he pleases, regardless of citizen safety and breaking of the law?
I need to know which one of these guys is the real Steven Seagal, & ABOVE THE LAW.
Last time I checked, conspiring to obstruct justice in an ongoing crimminal enterprise was more than malfeasance in office. It damn near falls under the RICO act.
While my friends are getting their cars stolen, shot at and, of course, robbed, it’s just great to know that the police will only prosecute people who aren’t their friends.
That means you, of course.
So, to answer my own question, yes. Really.
A criminal like Fred Radtke is above the law.
New Orleans Police Department spokesman Sgt. Joe Narcisse said so. And how does this happen?
Because the police, of course, are above the law, as well.
Achtung, baby.
Up against the wall.
I just hope the grey paint is dry….
Sign me;
Lord David
Tired of this Imperialistic Bull Shit
New Orleans
PS Hello?
Mister Mayor?
Anybody there?
Oh fuck it, who am I kidding….

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