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Apr 28, 2008 by

Pete FountainElvis Costello & Allan Toussaint

Jazz Fest is always a busy and energizing time for me. Working out on the Fairgrounds, ground zero for entertainment during the season, is always fun. (Well, maybe not running through the rain with PCs wrapped in garbage bags trying to safeguard the gear, the rest is pretty great.) Its especially good this year because I actually have a team to work with. The pictures here were taken by one of the long standing HumidCity Irregulars: M. Styborski (who you may well know from his blog Nation of Morons). We’ve been putting out a good variety of nearly real time content and having fun doing it (except for the rain).

Al GreenJessie McBride presents the Next Generation

This year I have two surprising new bits of additional good fortune to share.

The first one is tomorrow. Instead of my usual ride to the Bywater on my bike I will be making my way to the French Quarter on the streetcar and heading over to Aranud’s for drinks. The lovely ladies of Tales of the Cocktail have been generous enough to ask me to be a judge, so tomorrow will be an afternoon of careful cocktail appraisal. Their office is next to my own, and we have been working together on fund raising efforts for the Ashley Morris Fund, yet despite knowing me they asked anyway. Brave or foolhardy, you be the judge.

If you’re not familiar with them click the banner below and check out their website:


The second is an odd bit of internet flotsam. I noticed a trackback in the site log that appeared to be brand new, yet when I followed it I got a surprise. Evidently my yearly anti-caterpillar rant here on the HumidCity was picked up and quoted in The New Yorker. Not only that, but the article is almost exactly a year old. I must admit to being quite amused that my words ended up there of all places not to mention puzzled at why it would take a year for a trackback to show. I’ll be damned.

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