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May 3, 2008 by

First off, no, I do not understand the finer points of funding and producing Jazz Fest. But I do know that $50 tickets price out a fair amount of locals and takes an iconic season away from many of us who grew up on that change in the air. And the extra work/cash on hand.

Part of the justification for the doubling of ticket prices in the past 5 years seems to be the addition of big, headlining, head-turning acts–Bruce Springsteen, Widespread Panic (I had no idea who they were until Friday), etc. (I rarely see them)–acts that are great but have little to do with jazz or heritage. And that seem to justify pricing out locals. Solution–Local Thursday. I don’t care which Thursday, 1st, 2nd, just a damn Thursday. All local acts, all tents and stages, one Thursday, reduced prices. Don’t even open the Acura stage that day. Open the grandstand so you can get your grandmama out of the sun for a little while. Focus on the tents, crafts, food and smaller stages and paying musicians. I don’t need Elvis Costello. And I can go on a $50 day to see Al Green if I really want to.

I’m happy musicians are getting paid more, happy with the increase in quality of the French Quarter, Freret and Satchmo Fests and the work of the Foundation year-round but does all that have to come at the price of Jazz Fest to locals?

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