Fatal Accident in the Bywater

May 5, 2008 by

Sunday afternoon about 5pm, a driver veered off the road, hitting three pedestrians, who were standing in front of a house, killing one and injuring two others.

The accident happened in the 800 block of Lesseps, at the corner of Dauphine, just outside Vaughn’s Bar.

Billy Ding, 42, (Piano player – Billy Ding & the Hot Wings, & former owner of French Quarter Bicycles) was pronounced dead on the scene.

Michael Aaron (Owner – Recently closed Rock & Roll Collectibles on Decatur Street) is in critical condition. I believe he’s been taken to University Hospital. The other pedestrian, whose identity is as yet unknown, was taken away by ambulance as well.

The driver, who witnesses say was apparently learning to drive, was arrested. Drug and alcohol tests were pending.

Michael Aaron, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Billy Ding, you will be missed, my friend.

Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans

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  1. Damn. Thats all I can say, just Damn.

    It never stops in this town.

  2. Man am I fucking pissed. How the fuck do you lose control on a one lane street?

    People on learners permits should not be driving full sized pickups. We need actual drivers tests, scored, the higher the score, the larger vehicle you are permitted to drive.

    RIP Billy.

  3. mightypearl

    wtf? learn somewhere else!!! no wonder so many people walk in the street, driving on the sidewalk ain’t gonna end pretty. charges?? car drivers are bullies, we need an example of justice here. so sad. missing FQB.
    RIP Bill

  4. Justin Spooner


    I am an old friend of Michael’s from England – I just found this post as I was trying to find him this morning and I am completely shocked by this news. Does anyone know anymore details, I have phoned University Hospital but they don’t have him there.



  5. Julie Kelley

    Yet again… no offense, clearing up details…There were 4 of US standing on the sidewalk having a quite silly conversation, if you knew Billy..! He was pronounced dead on the scene, Michael did go to the hospital, Teal and I were bumped and bruised but were not taken to any hospital. Our brains will however be scared for a long time to come.(Skillet, the dog, also was okay) How do I even feel lucky, losing one of my dearest and long time friends. Remeber all the good. Julie Kelley

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