Funeral for Billy Ding

May 6, 2008 by

The funeral will be next Monday, the 12th, to give all the far-flung relatives a chance to get here.

11:00 a.m., St. Louis Cathedral service.

Immediately following, a second line jazz funeral through a bit of the Quarter, past his bike shop (and get some Chartreuse from Johnny White’s if you’re up to it). The repast will be at BJ’s around 4ish.

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  1. Kicked it out on the HumidCity Twitter

  2. Dianne De Franceaux Grod

    I am Bill’s 2nd cousin ( one of them) and while I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear about his untimely and sudden passing, it is wonderful to know how many friends he has in NO and what a great life he was leading.

    I know his parents, Joe and MaryBet are also so grateful to y’all for all you are doing to celebrate his memory. I know Bill is smiling down gratefully on all of you between card games with his Grandfather…who was quit a character himself !!!

    I live in Tucson and will not be able to attend. My thoughts will be with all of you !!

    Dianne Grod

  3. Julie Kelley

    I’m beside myself wondering what to make of any of this…Selfishly I want Billly back! To clear up any confusion, the visitation is at St Louis Cathedral from 11am to 1pm, a requiem mass will follow at 1pm. Second line to follow, muscians and any bike worshippers should gather in the square. All are welcome to viewing and mass! I LOVE BILLY MOSS! Julie Kelley

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