Justice on Crack: The Janitor and the Second Line

May 6, 2008 by

Lets start with a recap:

A former janitor for the city of New Orleans was first arrested Oct. 9, 2006, just three days after a small fortune in cocaine, cash and ammunition — all evidence collected for criminal cases pending trial — was found missing from Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

The burglary victim was the Orleans Parish district attorney’s office, which houses its juvenile division at the Loyola Avenue courthouse.

Craig Alton “Poncho” Thompson, 43, confessed to everything: the burglary, the rifling through evidence packets and the theft of cash, weapons, drugs and critical documents related to pending cases.

Of course this was during the reign of that racist incompetent Eddie Jordan. That never bodes well in a story about crime. So here we are, 18 months later, and Jordan’s successor is finally doing something. A handoff.

Eighteen months after Thompson owned up to the burglary and led police to his FEMA trailer Uptown — where evidence, including drugs, was recovered — the DA’s office moved on the case by punting it to the attorney general on April 8.

Within 16 days, assistant attorney general’s office secured an indictment from a grand jury and ensured that an arrest warrant was issued, once again, for Thompson, who had been at large since October 2006.

Oh goody! So he has been out wandering the streets along with all the 701 releases. At least he’s not a killer (I hope).

There are two major concerns that are tearing away at the fabric of our society right now: lack of enforcement and lack of justice. When the police are doing their jobs (instead of breaking up Second Lines) the DA’s office drops the ball. Who the hell are these people, The Saints? All too often the arrests and “enforcement” seem to be limited. Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs, Second Line Funerals, and Mardi Gras Indians on Super Sunday getting harassed while the janitor helps himself to some complimentary cocaine?

-Loki, Founder HumidCity

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