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There are times when the latest news of Jihad, police corruption, gang violence, general hate and selfishness, begin to overwhelm even one so hardened as myself.

At these times, I often stand in the center of my room, awash in music, arms spread out to the heavens, head back, deeply breathing in the cosmic marrow of life.

I begin to see myself, as if from above, standing there, filling my lungs, and push all other thoughts and mental pictures away. Still your mind and the Truth will come…

Soon the image I hold draws further back to see my building, my block, the city, continent & planet. I see the Earth, a blue ball, spinning the through the cosmos, with millions of specks, much like myself, standing on the surface like mad surfing insects, riding their host as it hurtles through space.

The Earth itself then becomes a mere pinprick next to the gargantuan size of Jupiter, which is then dwarfed by our Sun. The sun we know becomes a pinprick against immense planets that spin around stars so big they would swallow our entire solar system.

These formations spread for hundreds of billions of light years in every direction, beyond the concept we call infinity.

Now seriously, folks, in the midst of all that, is it really possible that there is a Supreme Being who chooses to speak only through one human being, the Official Prophet, for all eternity? That one person’s life and ego are more important than another’s? That this tiniest of blips in the history of our planet alone, the history of human kind, is so important that we would decimate our world, and each other?

I think not.

I think that it’s high time (bad choice of words perhaps) we took it upon ourselves to make this work, this humanity experiment, by standing together in the face of religious fanaticism, racial division, violence and class driven greed. It’s time to awaken.

Perhaps there is a Supreme Being, and if so, perhaps for a tiny sliver of a moment, we might cross their inbox.

The rest is up to us. To act in a manner befitting our self image as the Prime Life Form in the Universe.

As things stand right now, when I wonder if there is intelligent life in the Universe, the only thing I know for sure is this:

It certainly isn’t us.
Root for the Home Team, kids.
That’s Humans, to anyone out there listening.
We’re all in this together.
All of us, each & every one.

Lord David
Tripped Out Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans

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