Dr. John Speaks His Mind, Lyrically Of Course

May 19, 2008 by

Dr. John has cemented himself as one of music’s few living legends. On “City That Care Forgot,” his crucial new album out June 3 on 429 Records/Savoy Label Group, The Good Dr. shares his eminence with notable guests like Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, and Ani DiFranco, making for an exhilarating musical experience.

Clapton, who also appears on the indelible lead single “Time For A Change,” employs his legendarily fierce guitar-work on the blistering title track, which also features poignant vocals from Ms. Di Franco. Elsewhere, Willie Nelson adds a dab of country swagger to the buoyant “Promises, Promises.”

Other guests include Terrance Simien (“Save Our Wetlands”), Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews and James “12” Andrews (“My People Need a Second Line”), and acclaimed composer Terence Blanchard, who enlivens “Land Grab” with his snazzy and cinematic trumpet riffs.

“City,” a propulsive, polemical swan song described by Newsweek writer Malcolm Jones as, “a furious album about what happened in New Orleans,” is easily Dr. John’s best work in 20 years. And, anchored by his touchingly auspicious tone poems, it promises to solidify The Night Tripper as having “more than enough variety in his New Orleanspanorama to leave the audience shouting for more” (New York Times).

If you don’t live here you can pre-order on Amazon. If you do live here support local business and buy it here.

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